I came across this video the other day. It was by Minute Physics and titled “There is no pink light”. I recommend you take a minute and watch it, you will need literally just one minute!

“There is simply no pink light.”

“Pink should probably be called minus green, because pink is just the left overs of white light, when you take out the green.”

The video explains how, whereas other colours like red, green, or blue, for example, correspond to certain wavelengths in the electromagnetic spectrum (see image below), pink is not part of this spectrum!! Isn’t that amazing?! I had never thought about that.

Electromagnetic Spectrum

Electromagnetic Spectrum

This got me thinking about the colour pink and where I see it. I noticed when editing photos in Lightroom that the “Tint” white balance slider goes from green to pink (or minus green hehe). What a coincidence?! Probably not. Notice the “Temp” white balance slider?  It’s also related to physics, more specifically black body radiation.

Lightroom White Balance Sliders

And then I thought, I’m going to test out this “minus green” concept. I’ll find a photograph of mine with pink in it, open it in Photoshop and invert the colours. Voila!! These giant pink snails turned green!

Giank Pink Snails in Sydney

Giank Pink Snails in Sydney

Giank Green Snails in Sydney - Inverted Pink

Giank Green Snails in Sydney – Inverted Pink

I love when everything ties in together, physics explains the green machine and photography uses it in white balance adjustments 🙂

Thank you for reading!

xx Ana 🙂