2017 Calendars: Bridges and NYC

If you love my photography here is your chance to support it! I have designed two 2017 calendars, which are available in both Spanish and English. Click through the view the calendar images and get your copy now :)

By | 22nd January 2017|Photographic Prints|0 Comments

5 Orbaliciousness Photo Tips

Ever since I acquired my first orb 3 years ago I love taking pictures with it and over time I have discovered what I like to see in my orbalicious photographs. I hope this 5 tips will help you find what you like in your images.

By | 12th June 2016|Favourites, Orbs, Photography Tips|4 Comments

Sydney Icons: Calendar 2016

If you love my photography here is your chance to support it! I have created a "Sydney Icons" 2016 calendar with my favourite photographs of the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge taken in 2015. Get your copy now - it's 15% off till the end of November! :)

By | 3rd November 2015|Photographic Prints|2 Comments

Tiny Planet Tips & Tricks: Blurring

When creating tiny planets, making them seamless is the hardest part. Click through to read some tips & tricks about how I make my tiny planets; in particular, how I use blurring to fix the seam :) It is a simple process that achieves stunning results!

By | 16th October 2015|Photography Tips, Tiny Planets|4 Comments

Polarisation Physics Magic!

Click through to check out a mini-video I've made showing a couple of cool tricks using two linear polarisers and sticky tape!! Spoiler alert: there will be lots of pretty colours! Physics is magic!! :) And you can easily do this yourself at home!

By | 14th August 2015|Polarisation|4 Comments

Snowy Motion Blur

This image of a snowed forest was created using a vertical "motion blur". Click through to watch my simple and easy mini-tutorial and learn how to do it yourself in Photoshop CC. It is the first first video tutorial that I've ever made!

By | 24th July 2015|Photography Tips|0 Comments

Merging Panoramas in Lightroom

The latest update of Lightroom CC added the capability to merge panoramas, making creating images with a wider field of view a very simple task! Click through to learn how to create panoramas using Lightroom, as well as some tips on shooting the best images for a beautiful panorama.

By | 10th July 2015|Photography Tips|0 Comments

Neutral Density Filters

Are you familiar with neutral density filters? Click through to read about what type of photographs I like to take using neutral density filters and the physics behind the large colour cast of very opaque high ND filters.

By | 9th May 2015|Favourites, Optics, Photography Tips|14 Comments
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